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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will I be a self-published author if I allow you to publish my books?
    Yes. You have an option of purchasing your own book identity components or using ours, but either way we don't take any rights or royalties to your works. Your book is copywritten by YOU.
  • What is the difference between “Traditional” and “Self Publishing”?
    Traditional publishing means that your book is published by an established publishing house (often based in New York), with a team of professional people to take care of the book design, sales, marketing, and various other processes of the publishing world. Traditional Pros: Get you into bookstores - Team of Professionals - Does not come with upfront cost - Gives cash advances - Validation & Prestige contract Traditional Cons: Slow Process - Often doesn’t pay writers well - Lost of creative control - Lost of royalties - Does not market although distributes - Limiting contract clauses Self-publishing is the publication of media by its author at their own cost, without the involvement of a publisher. The term usually refers to written media, such as books and magazines, either as an ebook or as a physical copy using print on demand technology. Self-publishing Pros: Faster publication - Full royalties - Full creative control - Higher Earning potential ' Self-publishing Cons: Upfront costs - Responsible for growing your support and audience - Less visibility It usually costs between $500 and $5,000 to publish a book in the United States. A lot of that cost comes from hiring an editor, book designer services, and marketing. The average self-published book costs about $2,000 to publish and market
  • Where will my book be published?
    We use platforms that publish the books through both global and national distribution. These platforms include, but are not limited to, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Kindle, Kobo, etc.
  • How quick is the turnaround for my book project?
    Depends. This depends on when you want the book launched, and how quickly you can provide us with the information requested while in the publishing process. Typically, a good timeframe is a minimum of 4 months and can be as long as 8 months.
  • Do you offer payment installments?
    Yes. A security deposit is required to begin the project. Our max payment plan option is 6 months. The project must be paid in full for the final manuscript to be released. Your publishing quote is valid for 14 days. We now offer "After Pay" and "Affirm" for payment options, inquire within.
  • How long does it take to write a book?
    This varies from author to author, but ultimately a good book can be written in as little as 5 to 7 days depending upon the focus and diligence of the writer. You should just write out your thoughts and topics, then once you have written it out, you can format it and place chapters in order to structure the book. It's important to create a writing schedule and be committed to completing the book.
  • Can you just provide a portion or segment of the publishing process that I need, such as just editing? Or, just book illustration?"
    Absolutely. We assist with whatever you need us to. If one of our customized packages is not needed, then we can just provide the services a la carte to ensure you get what you need.
  • What other services do you offer besides book publishing?
    - Glad you asked. :) We offer website creation, event flyers, graphic design, book illustration, producing copyright, LLC formation, business coaching, ghost writing, and photography for professional photos (local Hampton Roads area only).
  • Do you offer any business consulting?
    Yes. We offer branding and business coaching, as well as business consulting and book development to every author as a part of of the book publshing process.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    Yes. There is a written agreement that we have in place that gives us permission to be able to process and publish your book for you. This protects you and the company.
  • Can I stop at any time?
    Yes. You actually can discontinue the service while in the midst of the project, but all funds paid CANNOT be refunded. Once work has begun funds are distributed. No refunds.
  • Why do I have to schedule my consultations or sessions?
    We want to give each author and client the same respect and time that they deserve, this requires the planning out and scheduling of appointments. When it is your appointment time you have the undivided attention of the team member.
  • Why do I have to fill out forms?
    To ensure efficiency! As full service publishing consultants we partner WITH you to achieve the goal of publishing. This is a joint effort that requires your attention, time and commitment throughout the process of manifesting your vision. The forms ensure the accuracy of information, the swiftness of meetings, and the deliberate attention to details that are needed to ensure the success of your book.
  • What is the 1st step to begin the Process?
    When you are ready to get started you just press the button on the Home page that states “Get A Publishing Quote Now”. This starts the conversation, and we will guide you through step by step to the finish line. We look forward to hearing from you. :)
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