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Simple Disclaimer:  


Business is unpredictable. Although I do my best to share all of my experiences that have resulted in my success, and I have worked with countless other entrepreneurs who using my advice have also gained success, I cannot guarantee those results for you. We never know,  the wind could blow in the wrong direction, and let’s be honest business is still risky. So my advice or anything that you find on my website or social media accounts does not come with any guarantees.  

Consultant Services Disclaimer:  

By participating in this consulting session over the phone/ web, you acknowledge that, though I am a certified and licensed professional, I am unable to conduct the extensive analysis that I would in an in-person setting. Therefore, the advice I provide during our consulting sessions is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for in-person professional advice [or treatment]. The information provided in the consulting session should not be considered a substitute for in-person evaluation by a more known and or established “Traditional” publishing company to address your individual needs.

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