Meet  The "Write It  Out"  Crew!

The mission of Write It Out Publishing is to create a memorable experience for self-published authors. We desire to see the self-published author positioned to become an “authorpreneur.” We offer professional publishing, consulting, coaching, branding, book development, editing, marketing and so much more, all with the self-published author in mind. Our step-by-step process allows the author to be able to focus on project presentation and building a strong audience and brand instead of the behind-the-scenes logistics of their project. We are your one-stop shop for all of your self-publishing needs.

Write It Out Publishing seeks to ensure a successful publishing process for all authors, without added stress or worry. We seek to provide authors with rest and peace while walking through the entire self-publishing process.



 The Crew


Kiyanni Bryan

The Boss

Kiyanni B is an Author, Life Strategist, Transformational Speaker, Publisher, and Next Level Coach that specializes in helping leaders that have been impacted in the area of their identity THRIVE in kingdom life and business. She engages them in a process where she creates solutions and strategies that enable them to overcome their greatest obstacles with clarity, implementation, and accountability. 


She is the owner of Kiyanni Impacts LLC which is a consultancy that offers personal life and business coaching services; as well as small business corporate consulting services in the area of business startup, project management, office operations, employee relations, business strategy, branding, and marketing. 


Kiyanni is the founder of Write It Out Publishing LLC, where she assists authors with the birthing of their vision of being an author, setting up their business, and creating impactful messages that change the world, one reader, at a time.


Jason Josiah

Director Of Logistics

Jason Josiah, owner, and founder of Living Word Illustrations LLC (LWI), provides a unique and fresh perspective on how to artistically bring your vision to life. We create an array of graphic works from website creation to full branding solutions.  


LWI possesses a knack for being able to see outside the box with new, innovative ways to visualize the full picture for our customers. LWI’s creative approach and in-depth understanding of art and vision allow us the ability to be versatile and flexible with our graphic designs.


Erica Ojada

Project Manager

As a project manager here at Write it Out Publishing, Erica oversees the flow of all projects. She reviews and helps to improve business processes to ensure the most productive workflow possible. In addition, Erica is also a tech lead at a retail bank where she oversees applications for both teller and banker platforms. She is also responsible for business process improvement and automation. Erica is a proud graduate of Pace University and holds a Master's of Science Degree in Information Systems.


Shenequa Mack

Accountant & Bookkeeper

Shenequa Mack has been in the financial services and banking industry for more than 20 years. She is a naturally skilled and gifted accountant and bookkeeper. She offers financial coaching and literacy for individuals, families, small businesses, and organizations to help people achieve their personal and professional financial goals.


This includes a review of credit, current investments, and spending habits, preparing them for homeownership and big purchases, and walking them through their financial process with wisdom and guidance. Her heart’s desire is to assist people in becoming debt-free and financially independent, by saving money and making smart investments. She creates customized and comprehensible plans to get them from point A to point B and to ensure that entrepreneurs learn the financial side of the business in the startup process.


Tamira Butler - Likely

Senior Editor &


Tamira Butler-Likely, the owner of Likely Write Editing, provides editing services for all genres of written content to improve readability and correct sentence structure, grammar, and inconsistencies. Proofreading services are available for work that just needs finishing touches. We also provide paper-to-digital services to convert handwritten documents to digital, typed copies. We pride ourselves on providing high-quality services with a personal touch.


Amber Shonette

Ghost Writer &

Book Development

Amber Shonette Burwell is a certified life coach and founder of Her Story, which was founded to promote inner healing and help men and women “tell their story." She specializes in book idea development, outline development, and also provides ghostwriting services.